I lived like Bear Grylls for a week

  Lonnnng time no see! Hey there, I am back with a new blog and I have something exciting to tell you all. I went for snow trekking!!! Ehm! Divya, you don’t like trekking and how come a word you love and a word you hate came together? Well! It happened. ANYWAYS! So, what did I  do to make my trip look like a Man vs Wild episode? Here’s what happened..   Snow trekking is a bit different than a normal trek. What different? You walk but in snow. Your girl saw, felt, touched snow for the first time ever. The experience was unbelievable yet beautiful. You climb one mountain to another full of snow or hints of snow.    I lived in a tent, slept in a bag, ate fire cooked food, walked mountains to mountains, used dry toilet, no signal, nor internet, in short did every thing opposite which I usually do in my life. It was like living in a parallel universe for me!    I’m a girl who always went everywhere with her family. You can check this blog out  to see how I end up every trip with

8 Common Mental health questions answered by an expert

  With everything that is going around the world, mostly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdown, it is of utmost importance to take care of our mental health. Therefore, I asked my audience to jot down their queries related to mental health and a well known psychiatrist, Dr. Rahul Khemani will be answering those. Talking about Dr. Khemani, he is a Consultant Psychiatrist practicing for 4 years, very friendly and a humble doctor who is still consulting his patients even in this lockdown. So, here I am with an interview with Dr. Khemani:  Q. Other than listening, what are some other ways one can do for someone is going through depression?   "Show up for them. When you ask them what you can do to help you, make sure you actually do it. Don’t be judgmental and keep from shaming them. Don’t give them advice or suggestions. And direct them towards a mental health professional whenever possible."   Q. How to ask parents (senior citizens) not to worry about pandemic