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Hi there! My name is Divya. There's always a surprise in my blog. Sometimes, I will make you understand why reading books are important and suddenly, the next time you'd be in Goa! (through my posts, obviously). I believe in writing something my audience would love to read and ensure some engaging contents.


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I lived like Bear Grylls for a week

  Lonnnng time no see! Hey there, I am back with a new blog and I have something exciting to tell you all. I went for snow trekking!!! Ehm! Divya, you don’t like trekking and how come a word you love and a word you hate came together? Well! It happened. ANYWAYS! So, what did I  do to make my trip look like a Man vs Wild episode? Here’s what happened..   Snow trekking is a bit different than a normal trek. What different? You walk but in snow. Your girl saw, felt, touched snow for the first time ever. The experience was unbelievable yet beautiful. You climb one mountain to another full of snow or hints of snow.    I lived in a tent, slept in a bag, ate fire cooked food, walked mountains to mountains, used dry toilet, no signal, nor internet, in short did every thing opposite which I usually do in my life. It was like living in a parallel universe for me!    I’m a girl who always went everywhere with her family. You can check this blog out  to see how I end up every trip with

How to read A LOT of books?

A LOT of people ask me how am I able to read so many books.  I want to share with you guys about the consistency of reading books. Once again, as usual, before starting I will say- This blog is totally a personal experience about my reading habits. I’m no professional. Also, this blog is not sponsored as who is going to sponsor this noob, LOL (crying in the corner) LET’S JUMP IN!! Do a bit of research:  Before starting your book reading process you should do some research about what type of books would you like to read or you might be interested in. Basically, there are two types- Fictional & Non-fictional books. Fictional books consist of fables or imaginary stories, characters, plots, etc and Non-fictional books- there are biographies, autobiographies, history, in short, they are informative. Long story short- Fictional books contain non-real stories and Non-fictional contains real stories. So, research about your genres and


I am the unlucky person who works for 6 days a week, so obviously when Saturday showed up I went crazy, cherry on cake I was going for shopping the next day with my cousin- Sanjana (Sanju di). Di is a good company when it comes to shopping and outing. Next Sunday morning I woke up at 8 am – SO EARLY!!! I was disappointed in myself, com’on who wakes up at 8 in the morning but TADAAA!!! RIP Sleep! Back to my Sunday’s out. I was supposed to meet Di at Thane station. So, it was my brother who dropped me at CST Station and “My day out” began... One thing while travelling alone sucks, there’s no one to talk and if you use your phone then probably chances are you cry the whole way coming back home due to no battery. CST is the starting station and we can sit wherever we want. Just be ready to answer the “ Kidhar Utroge ?” question. Obviously, I sat beside one of the window seats. As soon as the train started, my level of boredom increased. Helplessly, started starring the wo