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Books to read | A beginner's guide

    Hello there! Now this will be one of my favorite blogs because I love reading books a lot . I also post book reviews on my Social media handle and I get many replies saying, “Even I want to read books but it's really boring”, “How on earth do you read books? ” , “From where to start ?” , “Could you suggest me some interesting books ?” and the list goes on… So I thought why not make a blog? ANYYYYWAYYYYSSSSSS … If you want to know the secret behind reading books then check out 'How to read A LOT of Books'. Reading is such a good habit but sometimes people just start with the wrong book and get discouraged by thinking that reading is not their thing . Therefore, the books I am going to recommend are easy, quick reads , and also interesting. Book #1 The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho If you are a reader and didn't read this book then WHY DID YOU NOT READ IT YET??? I have suggested & also gifted this book to many of m