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First Night-Out (Gone Wrong)

The summer vacations just headed, I gave my HSC exam and started this computer course called Tally. As always, I and my family go to our native place for some peace and relaxation from this crowded and always “busy” city. I was unable to make plans with my family to our native place due to this course which initially proceeded and the insider talk (even I was not interested to go…) I wanted to stay back HOME ALONE and experience this thing once in my lifetime. So, my family went to the natives leaving me behind, trust me guys I was on cloud 9 that time, I was so damn happy that finally, I’ll get some privacy and even experience something which I never has… One of my best friend Dipty used to come for the sleepover at my place, after all, I was left alone for the first time and my parents were hell ’a worried for me. A few days later, my neighbor Samiksha asked me whether she can join for the sleepover as well, and WHY NOT???????? What should I not say about Sam(iksha), she is t


I am the unlucky person who works for 6 days a week, so obviously when Saturday showed up I went crazy, cherry on cake I was going for shopping the next day with my cousin- Sanjana (Sanju di). Di is a good company when it comes to shopping and outing. Next Sunday morning I woke up at 8 am – SO EARLY!!! I was disappointed in myself, com’on who wakes up at 8 in the morning but TADAAA!!! RIP Sleep! Back to my Sunday’s out. I was supposed to meet Di at Thane station. So, it was my brother who dropped me at CST Station and “My day out” began... One thing while travelling alone sucks, there’s no one to talk and if you use your phone then probably chances are you cry the whole way coming back home due to no battery. CST is the starting station and we can sit wherever we want. Just be ready to answer the “ Kidhar Utroge ?” question. Obviously, I sat beside one of the window seats. As soon as the train started, my level of boredom increased. Helplessly, started starring the wo