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What happens to talent in India?

Image Source: Internet (Avax News) Talent. Everybody has it but few gets noticed others don't, right? No. It's not like that all the time. Yes, if you're from India. If you get successful in polishing, practicing and perfecting your skills then you definitely will get noticed if you have the potential and networking or else you end up entertaining people or earn your livelihood out of it. This blog is totally my personal experience and thoughts, something I've noticed since years. Have you seen a person playing the awesome piano but selling kids pianos on the street? Have you seen a small kid walking on a thin line of rope in the air, doing awesome stunts? Doing it to fill her family's belly? Have you noticed how amazing those people who beg in trains by singing or playing instruments? Source: Internet (Nelvis Rodrigues) Why aren't they famous or well known like two to three "talented" celebrities?