First Night-Out (Gone Wrong)

The summer vacations just headed, I gave my HSC exam and started this computer course called Tally. As always, I and my family go to our native place for some peace and relaxation from this crowded and always “busy” city. I was unable to make plans with my family to our native place due to this course which initially proceeded and the insider talk (even I was not interested to go…) I wanted to stay back HOME ALONE and experience this thing once in my lifetime.
So, my family went to the natives leaving me behind, trust me guys I was on cloud 9 that time, I was so damn happy that finally, I’ll get some privacy and even experience something which I never has…
One of my best friend Dipty used to come for the sleepover at my place, after all, I was left alone for the first time and my parents were hell ’a worried for me. A few days later, my neighbor Samiksha asked me whether she can join for the sleepover as well, and WHY NOT???????? What should I not say about Sam(iksha), she is the one who is full of fun and risks. After giving few details about Sam you guys must have got a hint that who took the initial about this NIGHTOUT! HAHA obviously her.
It was about 2 am in the morning and we were still awake and ALIVE, switching the channels on the television. Every channel had this teleshopping ad going on while changing each channel with the remote in frustration I got stilled over a channel, it was the Siddhi Vinayak Live Darshan. Dipty said,
“Guys Ashtami Chaturthi has started, people go to visit Siddhi Vinayak temple, stand in this long backlog and take the Darshan.”

Later Sam came up with a plan, OH one thing I forgot to mention; Sam’s mom was an over over possessive mother. Continuing the story…

Later Sam came up with a plan, OH one thing I forgot to mention; Sam’s mom was an over over possessive mother. Continuing the story…
Sam came up with a plan…

At first, I and Dipty hesitated, later agreed. Though it was a night out cum too early DARSHAN. Before anyone could say something Dipty said, “Let’s take bath and go.” On which I said, “What about the clothes, Dipty can wear mine but Sam won’t fit in mine.” Now what I’m gonna tell is the dimmest, though daring part. It was 2:30 am approx. our colony looks haunted AF at night. We caught each other’s hand and slowly like a thief walked towards Sam’s house which is right in front of my house with few walks. Sam took an initial and slowly grabbed her clothes and joined us again hands in hands walking towards my place, suddenly Sam started running, watching that I and Dipty got scared to the core and started running as well. Later, when we somewhat reached my home I stopped her and asked, “Why did you run?” On which she said, “I don’t know.” OK! And we started laughing like crazy as we entered home. We bathed, dressed up and quietly headed out of the house watching out so that no one could see us.
Left the colony safely and no one saw us. That was a relief. Got a cab, reached and gave a quick glance at the enchanting SIDDHIVINAYAK temple. Joined the backlog. Trust me guys it was the first time I ever waited in a line for so long. At last at 8 am in the morning we got the DARSHAN. Earlier due to the cab, we ran out of the budget, resulting we planned to go by bus later. We got the bus and slept while reaching home, it took almost an hour to reach home. It was around 9 am in the morning we were scared that Sam’s mom must be awake till now and must have seen the house locked up, decided to buy some milk before heading back home so we can give a reason if she establishes us. As we reached the gate of our colony we saw the ways clear, started the brisk walk on the way to the colony. We entered the colony, started climbing the stairs, as soon as we reached our floor suddenly Sam startled and said, “My mom’s standing out of my house.” That moment was the vilest of all. We literally slept and crawled on the floor towards my house so that her mother doesn’t see us. Opened the lock of the door and while entering Sam said, “OH! My bad, that’s not my mom that’s our tulsi.” I and Dipty gave that crappy look to Sam and she started laughing.
Later I asked Dipty what were you praying so long at the temple, she said to pass her the HSC exam (we both are of the same academic year). We went off to freshen up and later slept like we were narcoleptic patients. After some time, somewhere at 11 am, there was a jeopardous bang on the windows and in seconds on the door of my house, it was Sam’s mom. Sam opened the door and her mom took her away, scolding her for sleeping so long. Later, Dipty too went home.
After an hour or so my elder cousin sister arrived. I was stupid enough to think she won’t disclose our little night out to anyone, told her everything in excitement and later what happened was horrifying.


  1. Your story telling and narratives are too good. Keep it up. And yes those days are precious and beautiful.


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