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Visit this place once in your lifetime

Trip to Murud
The most underated beach in Maharashtra

Going out from this hustle and bustle city-Mumbai is a big task. Christmas vacations were on and my family decided to go on a trip to Murud.
I'm not a big fan of "roaming with family" trips as there are too many restrictions at a time.
But i guess my decision was right to go with them to visit Murud as this place is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
We travelled by car and it took approx 4.5 hours to reach Murud from Navi Mumbai.

We booked a room, as we were staying there overnight.
As soon as we reached Murud, OHHH MY GOD! It looked like a part of Goa.

I was buoyant to witness such a beautiful place. As we reached Murud at 1 in the noon, we all were hell'a hungry and decided to fill our empty stomach with some mouthwatering food, guess what was the food? SEAFOOD! I can die for seafood. It's THAT TASTY!

The place where we had our lunch was something I saw for the first time and I loved it obviously.

Later, that evening, we had a walk on the beach, did boating and my cousin experienced parachuting. She said it was thrilling and fun.

That's my sister Sanjana from the Hallucination blog post of mine.

We relied upon seafood for the whole time there. At night we went to the Mela. It was quite a traditional type of Mela with all the rides we see in Chopatty, the yummy food stalls, hand made stuff, games, clothes, etc, etc, etc...

At night I gotta know my results were out and I cleared all the subjects, so, my cousins and I went on the beach at late night and danced our heart out. That was one of a funny moment for me.
The next day we woke up at 5:30 in the morning and visited various places at Murud.

After pop in on the places we went boating to Padmadurg Fort from Murud beach itself. It look hardly 20 mins to reach there as it is in the middle of sea and can be seen from Murud beach too.

It's a historical place, if you are interested to see historical places or ancient stuff then do visit this fort. Talking about Padmadurg, on asking the residential of Murud, I got to know that Padmadurg fort is constructed by the great Marathas in order to conquer the Janjira Fort which lies near by.

After coming back from Padmadurg fort we went to the beach and had a great time in the sea. Later, we had our lunch and left Murud with a heavy heart as I wished to stay for a longer period. But, hey! I can visit it with my friends again. *haha*

So, this was my experience of Murud. I definitely recommend my readers to visit this place once in your life. Its no biggie, ANYWAYYYYS!


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